yoUR FIRST TWO deliveries ARE FREE!

Unfortunately, you still have to pay for your item(s). But the delivery service is on us! 



The app is in development, but we still want to make sure you can get whatever you need, whenever you need it. That's why we've opened Tadpole Testing in select areas to offer the PondFrog service. Find out if your town applies below.

Chicago Suburbs: Wheaton, Winfield, West Chicago, Naperville, Fox Valley, Lisle, St. Charles



Step One (for first time customers)

Looking to make your first order with PondFrog for delivery or service? Great, all you have to do is text some key information that we'll keep in our records for the next time you use PondFrog (don't worry, all of your personal information will be kept secure and won't be shared with third parties or other outside organizations, your privacy is our priority!). 

What You Need To Text Us

  1. First and Last Name.
  2. Email 
  3. Address of Primary Residence (this is where your orders will be delivered unless you specify elsewhere) 
  4. Date of Birth 


Step Two--Making Your Order

 If you're new to PondFrog then you just sent us a text with your information listed above and if you're a returning user, we already have that information on record. Next you need to know how to submit your order by texting us at

Making an Order

  1. Tell us what you need, you can be as specific as you need to. This might include the what brand the item(s) is/are and the store they can be found in, if you know (these aren't required, they're just helpful for our Frogs to get the exact item(s) you want). 
  2. Tell us when you need it. Make sure you use one of the three following terms in specifying the time frame in which you want your order to be completed
    1. Emergency: Your order will be completed and delivered within in hour. You'll pay a slightly higher service fee. Approx. $6.50
    2. ASAP: Your order will be completed and delivered within two hours. You'll pay our standard service fee. Approx. $5.00
    3. Scheduled: Select the date when you need your order delivered. You'l pay a discounted service fee. Approx. $3.00
  3. Specify the location you want the delivery to if it's different than your address of primary residence, which we have on record. You can simply use the "send my location" feature.
  4. Include any pictures from the website of the store, product, or product packaging, to ensure you get precisely what you want. 
  5. ***Alcohol and tobacco products require pictures of two forms of valid identification for proof of legal age (license and credit card, or something else). You'll be required to provide these before your items are handed to you at delivery as well. 


How Do I Pay? 

Payment is simple and safe with SquareUp. It's as simple as a swipe. When the Frog shows up with your delivery all you need to do is swipe with their mobile SquareUp payment smartphone accessory. We take VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 

You'll also receive your receipt or other proof of purchase and a receipt of fees via email.