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Order Fulfillment

As partners with PondFrog we hope that you'll be making deliveries often and making great money! There may be times when you have a question during the process of completing an order or simply need a brief reminder on what to do. No problem! You'll find a comprehensive review plus hints and tips on this page to ensure everything is smooth sailing with PondFrog. 



Before you begin delivering there are three checkpoints you should ensure are completed so that you can avoid common issues from the start. 

  1. Are you in our system as a Frog (driver) on the app? You'll know you've been entered into our system correctly if you click on the "Frog Access" tab on the app and don't see some kind of "Unauthorized" message pop up on the next screen. 
  2. Are you in our system to use the Square Register under PondFrog's account? Your campus or area manager would have put your information into the system and you would have received an email from PondFrog Square prompting you to make an account and download the Square Register app. So if you have the Square Register app and are signed in AND you also have a Square card reader to take payment than you're set!
  3. Do you have the correct PondFrog driver email for your campus or area in your phone with notifications on. The email and password information would only have been supplied to you by your campus or area manager. The email looks like "pf(Insert town or school) If you have this in your email and have been receiving orders than you're ready to start making money!

Steps To Success

Use these steps to guide your through order fulfillment.